“My mission is to educate and inspire mums in creating an environment and lifestyle that enables both them and their children to not just survive, but thrive in today’s fast paced world.”

Teressa Todd lives and breathes health and wellness and has always had an interest in helping people live a healthier life.

She has two university qualifications; the first is a Bachelor of Applied Science with a double major in Biochemistry and Microbiology, and a sub-major in Nutrition.

Then she followed her heart to Naturopathy, attending Southern Cross University to complete her Bachelor’s degree in Naturopathy, making her the first university qualified naturopath, nutritional biochemist, and microbiologist in Australia.

Naturopathy made sense to Teressa as it combines how the physical body works, how food affects us, and the mental influence on health. Teressa has one goal in mind – to show you the best and easiest way to regain your energy and vitality for life. Her knowledge is grounded in science, combined with natural medicine concepts.

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Teressa is a speaker and author, and her naturopathic skills are sought after nationally and internationally. She has been consulting in her own clinic for over twenty years, helping thousands of clients achieve their desired healthy state. She has been voted the Best Naturopath of the Gold Coast, helping to cement her as one of the leaders in her field. Teressa has written for health magazines, and lectured naturopathic students in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Nutrition.

Teressa is also a mother, household domestic, financier, clinical health provider, speaker, business owner, income provider and wife to a wonderful man diagnosed with a health challenge called Multiple Sclerosis.

Her wish is to be able to help you get through your daily grind and optimise your health and wellbeing so that you can truly live your life to the fullest and enjoy time with your loved ones.

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The Energy Solution – A mother’s guide to go from frazzled and fatigued to full of life.

Teressa came highly recommended, and I certainly arrived at her clinic in a bit of a mess. I was years into chronic fatigue diagnosis, had nursed a lifetime of gut sensitivities and was in a horrible pattern of picking up every virus that was going around. I was struck by a number of things at my first appointment – Teressa’s calm approach, intuition and systematic way of dealing with my abundance of issues…
Life changing is any understatement – I now have consistent energy, immunity and understand how to care for my gut.

Tina T