declutter 1The Power of Declutter

Declutter your house…declutter your mind

Are you feeling the effects of self-isolation? Now is the time to declutter your house, not only for your house health but for your mental health. The act of decluttering your house can help you physically, mentally and emotionally at the current time.

At the start of the year, I was suggesting to clients that it was the year to create organisation and put themselves as a priority. The current pandemic is certainly ensuring that. As part of the process of organising things, why not declutter your house, it can have a great impact not just on your physical but also your mental health.

Let’s try an exercise:

Imagine coming home after a long, tiring day at work and you see these piles of things you don’t use and the children’s toys are everywhere?

You begin to create thoughts in your head that tells you that you can’t rest yet because there is so much to do. Those little thoughts circling around in your head creates a stress response in your body. Your body creates cortisol (a stress hormone) that, if continues robs you of your energy and leaves you feeling frazzled and fatigued.

Now, how would you feel if you walk into your home and find that everything is organised and tidy?

I know I would feel that I could sit down and relax and spend time with the family without stress and resentment. What about you?

Benefits of Decluttering your House:

  • Free Work-out

When you will declutter your house, you are physically moving, this is a great way to increase blood flow and get your muscles moving. around so you will get the flow of the blood going and the muscles will be exercised. It is estimated the average person weighing between 65-70kg will burn around 200 calories per hour of house cleaning.

  • You feel more relaxed and less anxious.

declutter 3Ever looked at a clean space in your house and felt contentment?

Messy houses and clothes or items not put away into cupboards can increase a woman’s stress.

By decluttering and cleaning spaces in your home, you can manifest feelings of accomplishment and pride.

Living in an environment that is tidy and

  • Boost your confidence.

By decluttering your home, you will feel a great sense of accomplishment and you will feel lighter. You’ll think you can do more things now than before.

  • Boost creativity

A clean workspace can help you think better and helps you to be more focused. Your mind can work without much worry, thus giving birth to new ideas. You can also practice your creativity in the process of decluttering, you can start moving some furniture around or changing the colour palette and design in your home.

  • Increased productivity.

If you are working from home then a decluttering approach will help your productivity by creating a fresh clear mind. If you are not working from home but have children at home then you can easily find toys or activities for them to do as everything will have a place after your declutter and tidy-up.

  • Help other people.

While decluttering you can find something that you realize you don’t need. It may be something you or your family don’t use anymore but is still in good condition. You can donate them or give them to someone you know will need it (For example, people who lost their home from a fire etc.).

  • Reduces allergens.

When you declutter your home, you reduce the amount of dust. Dust and other allergens like pollen can accumulate in areas of your house. Decluttering those objects that attract the dust and vacuuming those cluttered spaces can decrease the overall amount of dust and allergens in your house. Many of my clients find that they sneeze less when the spring clean their house.

I challenge you to declutter now, it doesn’t have to be all in one go. I understand that decluttering an entire home is a big job so I suggest focusing first on one area, then move onto another.

For instance, I started this process myself and cleaned out an unused room.

This space had become a room that my family just placed things in when they didn’t know where to put things or were too busy to put things in the appropriate place.  

This room took me a day to move through and throw out many things that were no longer needed. It felt good at the end of the day to say “I did this – I cleaned this room and it feels liberating”. The next space I tackled was the garden shed and that was a larger task than the spare room.

As I had already tackled a room the previous week, I felt more able to start the garden shed. Believe me, the garden shed was a mammoth effort. I was fortunate enough to have family to help me with this. Had I not already cleaned the spare room, I may have doubted my ability to declutter and clean out the shed. At the end of cleaning out the shed, I felt great, it was definitely a physical workout but emotionally I was proud and happy that it was done.

Start with one room, try a room that is easier and less daunting than another. This way you can build on your confidence and move toward the larger tasks. Get the family to help. If they are children, allocate them smaller tasks that will help you tackle your bigger task. Imagine how will you feel after you declutter that space.

Sally Guthery Decluttering BookEvery time you declutter, celebrate after it. Reward yourself. Pick a reward that will inspire you.

It may be drinking herbal tea watching the sunset, a favourite TV show, a phone call with a friend, or online shopping for an outfit you have been eyeing off.

Want help or inspiration for decluttering? Sally Guthry’s book on Decluttering may provide more inspiration for you.

She looks into the psyche of what is stopping you from decluttering from the point of view of a household domestic.


If you need help physically with energy and vitality. I am here to help. I am still open through the COVID-19 pandemic and have Telehealth appointments available.

Remember, “A clean space makes a happy place”

Shine with glowing positivity!
Have a fabulous day!

Teressa Todd