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Good digestion is the key to all health!

We eat food, it goes in our mouth and it goes through a few tubes in the body and comes out the other end, right?The process of digestion is to take nutrients in so that your body can convert these nutrients into energy for use by the body.



Remember: If you can’t digest your food properly, then you can’t get the nutrients from the food.

NO Nutrients = NO Energy

The process of digestion starts before you put the food in your mouth. Firstly, you hear the food, see it, and smell it. The senses tell the brain that food is on the way. The brain sends a message to the stomach to start producing stomach acid ready to digest the food. If you are constantly rushing and you grab a sandwich from a fridge to eat at your work desk or grab a drive-through meal from a fast-food chain to eat ‘on-the-run’, then the brain doesn’t get the signal to the stomach in time to create the adequate digestive enzymes and acids.


What Happens During Digestion?

Digestion is an intricate set of chemical reactions that starts with the mechanical process of chewing your food. Chewing is an undervalued process. Chewing is not just about breaking the food into smaller particles for easier swallowing. It is necessary to help the brain send a message to the stomach, signalling for stomach acid to be produced; and if you don’t chew your foods thoroughly and allow the saliva to mix with the food, then nutrient absorption can be limited.

Once the chewed food is in the stomach, it needs to be broken down further by stomach acid and enzymes called pepsin and lipase. These enzymes break down some of the protein and the fats. Once the food leaves the stomach, it moves into the small intestine where the liver and pancreas inject more enzymes to continue the breakdown of the carbohydrates, protein and fats into their smallest units. Only then can the vital nutrients be absorbed.

This is why it’s vital to get the first couple of phases of digestion occurring properly, that is chewing your food and being thorough in the process of breaking the food down from large size to smaller sizes. If any part of this process is not properly done, you will suffer from low energy, lack of nutrients and lack of key elements to create cellular energy and repair.

Should you worry?

Find out if your digestive system is functioning optimally or not. Tick the symptoms that relate to you:

  • Excessive burping or belching
  • Bad breath
  • Burning sensation in the chest, reflux or heartburn
  • Bloating during or immediately after meals
  • Bloating for several hours after eating
  • Sensation of fullness for hours after meals
  • Flatulence or excessive wind
  • Food intolerances
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Feeling tired immediately after meals
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea after eating
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Alternating between constipation and diarrhea
  • Sensation of incomplete bowel movements
  • Undigested food in stools
  • Variable colour of stools

If you scored 7 or more, you may have poor digestion function. This can be contributing to your fatigue and tiredness.

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What should you do?

  1. Take your time when you eat in order to chew your food thoroughly.
  2. Avoid eating mindlessly.
  3. Be aware and thankful for what this food will do for you and the nourishment that it will provide you.
  4. When you’re aware while eating your meal and you’re chewing slower, you will be less likely to overeat and that can help with weight problems.
  5. Take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice mixed in a small amount of water about five to ten minutes before their meals
  6. Limit drinking with your meals.
  7. Add spices and herbs to your meal.
  8. If you are struggling with digestion and have a lot of the symptoms from the list above, then you may need help to restore your digestive balance.

Improving your digestive process is key to renewing your life’s vitality and vigour. Ensuring that you get adequate nutrition through digestion will allow your body to heal and repair itself, whilst restoring equilibrium. Restore your body today and make these changes a part of your daily life.

Have a fabulous day

Teressa Todd