Feeling TiredYou’re not alone!

Tiredness or fatigue seems to be the number one complaint of the modern western world.

Ask yourself; do you feel 100% today? If not, why not?

Is this normal?

The answer is quite simply ‘No’, yet thousands of people continue to live their lives day in, day out, in a constant state of listlessness, in the belief that being tired all the time is nothing more than an unfortunate side effect of modern living.

So many people feel a constant need to “re-charge their batteries” and yet don’t have the first clue how to go about improving their sense of well-being and enjoyment of life.

There are many factors that can contribute to fatigue and tiredness. Finding your reasons will help you restore your energy and vitality and live life to the fullest.

Tiredness can make you feel like you are trapped in an inescapable cycle, and it can be difficult to work out the cause. Are you deficient in iron?

Are you suffering from depression? Do you have chronic fatigue? Are there underlying digestive issues? A Naturopath can pinpoint these problems and work with you to make changes that will quickly begin to improve your energy levels.

Some causes of fatigue and tiredness can be:

  • Digestion not working optimally. Are you able to digest and absorb the vital nutrients out of your food? If you feel tired 30 minutes after a meal, it could be due to your sluggish digestion.
  • Living in a constantly stressful or rushed environment can lead to adrenal exhaustion. Are you running on your ‘reserve energy’ tanks constantly? Take steps to recharge your adrenals now.
  • Avoid too many stimulants. Caffeine and other stimulants give you an initial boost followed by a slump. Many people still believe that there are tonics and magic pills to give you energy. This is simply not true. If your child was tired would you give them a stimulant? No! You would make them rest! Listen to your body and take a break when you need one.
  • Avoid mental stimulation before bedtime. Take time out to rest your mind as well as your body. Try taking a bath or using meditation techniques before going to sleep.
  • Chronic infections such as recurrent colds and flu, or glandular fever can leave you feeling constantly tired and prone to infections. Look to optimise your immunity and shed those recurrent infective agents to help restore your energy.
  • Do you find your energy falters coming up to your menstrual cycle? Hormone balance is vital to help with your energy and vitality. Oestrogen dominance can be linked to symptoms such as brain fog, headaches, depression, mood swings, fatigue, and anxiety. All the hormones in our body are linked together so if one is out of balance, chances are the others will be out of balance too – including the brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. Check your hormones today.

The Energy Solution

Remember, everyone has the right to enjoy life to the full.

Find the causes of your tiredness and fatigue.

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Until Next time….